I met Kina Collins when I attended her very first coffee here in Oak Park, and I was so impressed with her that I signed up then and there to make a monthly donation to her campaign, something I had never done before. Here is why I urge you to vote for her over the three other candidates who are running in this primary election. (And the primary is the deciding point, for anyone new to Cook County politics). Remember that who we elect locally has a greater impact than some other races on our daily lives.

Kina Collins is in her late 20s, born and raised just east of Oak Park in the Austin neighborhood. You can learn more about her background at this website: https://kinaforcongress.com.

She is also on Facebook and Twitter and just opened an office in River Forest.

While all four candidates in our 7th Congressional District share similar political philosophies, only Kina has a proven record of accomplishments in her short life, which demonstrate that she can get things done:

Worked on gun control in Louisiana after college with gun lovers toward sensible gun control measures, a demonstration of her ability to listen and find common ground on challenging issues.

Writing a bill in the final year of the Rauner administration to establish a commission dealing with the full range of women’s issues, including reproductive rights, and getting it passed and signed into law by Rauner.

Working across the United States to organize 20,000 doctors in support of single-payer health care.

Among many issues she has addressed in her campaign: the gap in life expectancy between Streeterville (90 years) and Inglewood (60 years), both in the 7th Congressional District, and the greatest local gap in the United States. She will work to change this and address real needs in our district.

She has been working throughout the district and has garnered support from many local political leaders, as well as a number of progressive organizations, including the Youth Climate Strike, which organized the 2019 Climate Strike here in Chicago. She knows what it takes to work across ideological barriers, gain support and pass legislation.

Thanks for reading this and be sure to vote on March 17. Early voting at Oak Park Village Hall starts March 2.

Teresa Powell

Oak Park

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