Anthony Clark

The Democratic primary race for the 7th Congressional seat intensified last week, when the state’s two largest newspapers — the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times — released their endorsements. 

The Sun-Times endorsed challenger Anthony Clark, the Oak Park and River Forest High School teacher and activist who also ran against Davis two years ago, mounting a formidable challenge to the 23-year incumbent in the suburbs, where Clark garnered nearly 40 percent of the vote.

“Davis exudes good will and grace, but the 7th District needs more,” the Sun-Times Editorial Board wrote in its endorsement, released Feb. 12.

“In recent years, Davis has little to show in the way of substantive legislation for which he was the main driver, and his congressional attendance could be better,” the editorial board added wrote. In 2018, he ranked 21st among the 435 voting House members in missed votes. In 2019, in an improvement, he ranked 106th.”

The Sun-Times endorsement is Clark’s biggest to date. He’s also been endorsed by Northside Democracy for America; Cornelius Coe, the director of the Austin Community Family Center; David Zoltan, a community housing and disability advocate; and Shaun King, the columnist for the New York Post; among others.

In its endorsement of Davis, the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board wrote:

“In Washington, he works on issues that matter to his West Side and west suburban constituents, including gun control and homelessness. Does Davis, who’s served in Congress for more than 20 years, still have the interest and energy to serve? He says he does. ‘I haven’t solved all the problems (in my district), but I’m sure not standing still,’ he told the Tribune recently.”

Other challengers in the Democratic Primary race, which takes place on March 17, include Kina Collins and Kristine Schanbacher. Craig Cameron is running unopposed in the Republican Primary.

Michael Romain

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