With the assassination of an Iranian military leader in Iraq recently, the U.S. has come close to expanding the war in the Middle East to Iran. Washington needs to hear voices like that of Florida state Representative Anna Eskamani, who is of Iranian descent and has family members in Iran, who notes, “War is no guarantee of a democratic Iran, but it is a guarantee of innocent people being directly impacted.” 

We thank Senator Dick Durbin for supporting S.R. Resolution 63, Sen. Tim Kaine’s Iran War Powers Resolution, in the U.S. Senate, which states that, under the Constitution, only Congress can approve U.S. participation in armed conflict. Senators are trying to force a debate and vote on this to prevent increased armed conflict in the Middle East. 

We ask everyone to contact Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth to ask her to sign on to the war powers resolution.

Ralph Strohl, Garnet Fay, David Kelm, Jan Mullen, Martha Zuelke, Mary O’Kiersey and John Cabral

Oak Park

Editor’s note: Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s press office told the Journal Wednesday that Duckworth signed on to this legislation on Jan. 7.

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