Oak Park is doing incredible environmental work to reduce plastic waste with a meeting in the works to ban single-use plastics such as styrofoam cups and to-go containers from restaurants. It is time to take this momentum to the state level and create meaningful legislation banning this unnecessary and harmful waste. 

There is not a second to waste. Our styrofoam trash is at this moment breaking down into microplastics and harming public health throughout the state. As it makes its way through our rivers, it infiltrates our agricultural system, our wildlife, and significantly impacts rural and minority populations. We can no longer sit on this environmental injustice.

While Chicago, Oak Park, and several other municipalities are working to implement changes, this statewide ban on styrofoam cups and containers would be monumental; the first single-use plastic ban of its kind in the Midwest. Illinois should set the example for the rest of the Midwest, and the country, to follow by supporting and implementing this legislation as soon as possible.

Bria Jerome

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