Affordable housing breaks ground: After outlasting and beating back a lawsuit reeking of NIMBYism, Community Builders has broken ground on the affordable apartment project at Oak Park Avenue and Van Buren. This is a flat-out great project that will fill a niche in our diverse housing market as it offers modern apartments to working people — possibly with a preference for people living or working in the village.

Close to transit, replacing a corner best known as an abandoned gas station, offering a modern design and amenities, benefitting from a $500,000 grant from the village government’s affordable housing fund, this is a worthy project we can take satisfaction in. 

Zum, zoom: For a parent of a student with special needs who might require transportation to an off-campus facility, the first stress of the day can be getting a child onto the “short bus,” or into the back of a cab.

OPRF is experimenting and now leaning into a new Uber-like service which specializes in safely moving local students to alternate sites. It comes with the promise of thorough driver vetting, specialized driver training, and an app that will allow a parent to follow the progress and safe arrival of their precious child and to monitor the return trip.

Added benefit: Early testing suggests the Zum service will actually save District 200 a few dollars — as in $74,000 — in the course of a school year.

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