We were shocked to read about the Zoning Board of Appeals’ upcoming hearing regarding a proposed Taco Bell and drive-thru on the corner of Austin and Roosevelt. How quickly the board has forgotten about its unanimous rejection just months ago to build a Taco Bell on Madison Street. Now they want to move that rejected Taco Bell 1 mile south … and add a drive-thru with closing times of 3-4 a.m.

We live on South Humphrey, a quiet three-block-long street between Roosevelt and I-290. A Taco Bell would have a major impact on our neighborhood. Vehicles exiting the drive-thru would most likely go north onto our street, avoiding Austin. We already deal with this issue in small part during rush hours with the 290 on/off ramp.

A 3-4 a.m. (why not make it open 24 hours?) fast-food place with a drive-thru will exponentially increase the vehicle count on our street at all hours. We all know that late-night traffic equals loud traffic. Uber and Lyft even have a “Taco Mode” option to add a Taco Bell drive-thru to a ride. Anyone in the area (self-driving or ride-share) would simply need to search “late night food” and be directed here; and UberEats, Grubhub and other food delivery services operate 24-7, for which a drive-thru is especially appealing.

Would the board members like to hear loud, late-night traffic and then in the morning open their eyes to the beauty that is the paper wrappings, napkins and other fast-food trash thrown on our parkways?

Marge and Jim Massarello

Oak Park

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