A unique program at the River Forest Public Library combines genealogy and memoir writing. The event, “Using Genealogy and Historical Research to Make a Wonderful Memoir,” led by genealogist Charlie Thomas, will be held at the library, 735 Lathrop Ave. on Jan. 12 from 2 to 4 p.m. and is open to the public from River Forest and elsewhere.

There have been growing trends in both memoir writing and the study of personal genealogy, brought about at least in part by easy access to DNA testing from companies such as Ancestry.com and 23AndMe.com. This testing allows anyone to delve into their genetic background. Combining this with writing about a person’s past seems like a perfect fit.

Thomas plans to help participants navigate online history and genealogy sites to capture information that can enhance memoir writing, bringing it to the next level.

“You can get so lost in the research that you can quickly forget what generation you’re in as you research,” said Thomas. “There are so many great resources, so it’s important to learn how to navigate it all.”

More information can be found on the River Forest Public Library’s website at www.rflib.org.

Maria Maxham

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