When I read that TIF funds could now be used to lower the tax burden in Oak Park, I hoped that all the various taxing bodies would not hold onto the money. I felt certain that of all the taxing bodies, District 97 was the one that was certain to pass on the opportunity since, after all, it hasn’t been long since they passed a huge tax referendum.

I spoke with real estate agents who said they did not want to appear unsupportive of the schools by speaking out but affirmed that the referendum had lowered housing prices and slowed housing sales. There comes a point where the taxes in a community just become more than anyone wants to handle.

In addition, taxes affect rents and increasing rents have been a factor in the closing of some businesses in Oak Park. Good schools aren’t the only thing that make a community a good place to live. I hope the D97 board will reconsider this decision and I won’t have to consider moving out of the community I love.

Joyce Porter

Oak Park

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