To all the wonderful people of Oak Park and River Forest, especially to all the children who gave so generously to our seniors (your artwork was totally amazing) we can’t thank you enough.

We also thank Patty Henek and her crew for their hard work and long hours. Ladies, it paid off. All our seniors were overjoyed and humbled. The old adage is true: The best gifts in life are free.

To the Payoli family and their circle of friends a huge thank you. What an incredible inspiration you are, selfless and respectful. As my dear departed Mother once said, “When your time comes, you will be sitting next to our Holy Mother.” 

All kidding aside, The Oaks, Mills, and Ryan Farrelly apartments applaud you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a warm New Year.

Rosemary Kevil Serio

Oak Park Housing Authority

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