As business owners and residents of Oak Park for 25+ years, we are passionate about Oak Park and the well-being of our community. Our Martial Artist’s Creed teaches us to “Be Courageous, Uphold Justice” and to “Preserve Life, Don’t Destroy.” As these tenets guide our curriculum and our daily work, we were so grateful to read Wednesday Journal’s support of special-use permitting for recreational cannabis.

As property and business owners on North Avenue, we have made a valiant effort to continuously upgrade and improve our surroundings. We try to model good citizenship to our students and our neighbors. To that end, we and our 200 current families that we serve, not to mention countless alumni, continue to urge the Oak Park Village Board to enforce a special-use permit for all proposed cannabis stores. Having been through the process ourselves on a previous daycare venture, while exhausting, it enforces community involvement and requirements that preserve the overall health and safety of owners and customers.

Thank you for the opportunity to add our heartfelt endorsement of Wednesday Journal’s view in this matter.

Elizabeth Wilson Yu

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts

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