Imagine being able to vote for your true preferred candidate, instead of just the “lesser of two evils.” Imagine casting your ballot for a third party without worrying that you’re “throwing your vote away.” 

A bill has been introduced to the Illinois General Assembly that has the potential to make these fantasy scenarios reality. SB 2267 introduces ranked choice voting for state offices, and has the potential to upend the dysfunctional state political process we’ve become accustomed to. Instead of picking a single candidate, you can rank all candidates on the ballot in your preferred order. If your top choice is eliminated in the first round of counting, your vote automatically transfers to your next highest preference. 

Watch this video for an easy-to-follow example of how an election under RCV plays out: / 

This is a system that has already been implemented in countless institutions, from local boards and universities to municipal governments. It’s even used for national elections in some countries. 

For a full list, see here: 

Ranked-choice voting would give Illinois citizens a greater ability to express their preferences at the ballot box, and has the potential to break the major party strangleholds that have ruled for decades. To generate an email to our representatives, urging them to support this legislation, simply visit:

Jeff Evans

Oak Park

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