In reviewing the recreational marijuana debate, we must be cognizant of the reason why we had restrictions on liquor sales in Oak Park in the first place. Regardless of how “safe” we make these facilities, a certain amount will reach our children. 

I myself have been asked by youngsters (not in Oak Park) to buy liquor for them. Is this activity we wish to encourage? Already, a vape store is opening near my house. The effects of vaping and marijuana use have not been properly documented due to the smear campaign that marijuana use has received over the years. 

No one has discussed that marijuana use may accelerate certain mental diseases, which I have heard from mental health professionals. It has been shown that Colorado benefits from the “wake and bake” set, who may be considered marijuana addicts. 

I am no angel. I had smoked marijuana and am happy to see it legalized. But I think it is best that we study the effects of marijuana legalization before we definitively decide to allow such stores in the village. We must remember that one of the reasons that alcohol was legalized after prohibition was that alcohol was not properly regulated, and people were dying from drinking bootleg whiskey. 

Shouldn’t we look at all aspects of marijuana use before deciding to allow it?

Alan Hester

Oak Park

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