I liked the great breadth of the Nov. 13 issue. I was especially delighted with the obit for Mark Rogovin [Missing Mark Rogovin, John Rice, Viewpoints]. John’s acknowledgement of his wife, Michelle was very moving. Pages 24 and 25 of Viewpoints, particularly. Well done layout of those pages!

I knew Mark before I moved to Illinois. He had a great passion for African-American singer Paul Robeson. As my mother’s small record company was the last company to release Robeson’s music, I was still living in New York when Mark first contacted my mother (now deceased, founder of Monitor Records). I was delighted to find him when I moved to Oak Park. 

With Mark’s help, my husband (Don Goldhamer) built a very complete discography of Robeson’s recordings. I hope to meet John Rice and sit with him on the bench that meant so much to Mark.

Nancy Mikelsons

Oak Park

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