Editor’s note: Michelle Siu recently wrote to the various taxing bodies to ask them not to take TIF funds. Here is a sample:

Dear board members,

As 12-year residents of Oak Park, our property taxes have gone up at an alarming rate. I am very concerned that this continuing trend will eventually price my family out of Oak Park. Taxpayers have generously funded District 200 and have been supportive of school referendums. My neighbors and I don’t agree with D200 capturing TIF funds. So far, the discussion is about capturing the TIF funds because they are available and not about if there is a pressing need to capture these funds. 

In addition, the reason for referendums is to give taxpayers a voice and capturing the TIF funds does not. We also remember when D200 overtaxed us by $100 million — a costly and chaotic mistake. My family and I are active users of Oak Park school districts and think they are a great asset to Oak Park. 

D200 can continue to offer excellent service without having to grab the extra TIF funds, thus allowing overtaxed residents some relief.

Michelle Siu

Oak Park

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