I have been an Oak Parker for almost 40 years. I am for the environment. I am against climate change. I want to save all the species. For almost 40 years I’ve read letters against leaf blowers. Folks are against the noise (mostly) and folks are against the pollution. Me too.

I drove a hybrid car from 2004 until last year. Now I drive an EV — no noise and no pollution. But for now we are stuck with noisy, polluting leaf blowers. First, we need machines to move the leaves. It is just too labor intensive to try to do it with rakes. And the electric leaf blowers are just not powerful enough to do the job. I have not tried one, but I have seen my fellow citizens using them. They don’t seem to be up for the job.

Technology gets better and better. Batteries get better and better. In warm weather, my new EV can go over 200 miles on a charge. Maybe next year they will have battery-powered leaf blowers that can do a professional job. When that happens I will switch sides to the anti-gas leaf blowers.

Allen Matthews

Oak Park

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