It is a good thing for Oak Park and River Forest High School to shift to 100 percent green sourcing for its electricity over the next three years. Also good that the school administration estimates a 24 percent annual savings or $150,000-plus over three years.

The school just took that route last month as it signed off on a new energy contract focused on sustainability, mainly wind and solar power.

We especially liked the inquiry from Craig Iseli, a school board member, who asked Michael Carioscio, the District 200 operations chief if OPRF has a formal sustainability policy. Carioscio said the school has policies related to resource conservation but nothing that comes close to a full-blown sustainability policy. He noted that new construction and substantial renovations, planned to start on campus next summer and continue over several years, will be an opportunity to refocus. “We can really look at a lot of our practices that went unquestioned in the past and do things differently,” he said.

Iseli’s response is our response. That’s good. The construction ahead is a good opportunity to build in efficiencies and innovations. But it will all gain greater focus and become more trackable if there is actually a systemic plan for green initiatives.

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