When it comes to the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, Wednesday Journal’s reporting is slanted. They reported on the Oct. 28 Finance Committee meeting, and I quote: “Most commenters defended the necessity of funding OPRHC and integrated housing, while a few advocated that the center had fulfilled its purpose in maintaining an integrated Oak Park and has become obsolete in recent years.” [Housing Center’s 2019 funding reinstated, News, Nov. 6].

What WJ readers don’t know, however, is that, conveniently enough, the Journal did not choose to report on the Oct. 24 Finance Committee meeting where two-thirds of the commenters strongly advocated for no funding for the Housing Center in 2020. The other third spoke on unrelated topics. In other words 100 percent of those who spoke about the Housing Center were in favor of no funding in 2020. If you’re going to cover the news, cover all the news, not just the items that support your personal views. Dan Haley, your biases are showing. In the recent words of our former President Barack Obama, “C’mon!”

Corey Gimbel

Oak Park

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