I absolutely support a ban leaf blowers [Something the village board can agree on, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Oct. 23]. I lived in Oak Park for years and I remember that on many summer and fall days I was driven inside with the windows closed by the sonic blasts — not only loud but long-lasting.

I actually managed to get the village board to pass a full ban — can’t remember the date, probably 2000-2005 — but as soon as the major landscape companies learned of the ban, they went to the board of trustees and got them to change the ruling. The revised law set a decibel level on the devices but did not ban them completely. The result was that they were still pretty damn loud.

The things are evil. When a man operates one of these devices he gets a big thrill out of it — finger on the throttle, lots of noise, a big long thing stuck out in front, and a lot of “thrust” coming out the tip.

Jan and I used to watch them operating the devices. A man would sometimes chase a single leaf all the way down the street.

One very simple solution, that Jan and I thought of was to only allow women operators. The men could pull weeds.

Bill Dring

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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