Dear neighbors and colleagues,

I’m not sure how you feel about teachers carrying guns or having easy access to a gun in the classroom. But after teaching for 35 years in a high school, all I can imagine is how carrying a gun could go so wrong, so quickly in a busy school setting. Worse yet would be a situation where panic has set in. To be honest, I can’t believe anyone would think teachers “packing heat” would be a good idea.

This is why I was honestly shocked when I learned what will be happening on Nov. 23 at the annual meeting of the Illinois School Board Association. They will be debating a proposal that would train classroom teachers to carry a gun during the school day.

A similar proposal came up at last year’s ISBA Convention of more than 1,000 delegates, and it was defeated by only 24 votes!

My ask is a simple one. As a politically involved and concerned member of your community, please contact a member of your local school board (or several members). Ask them to urge your school board members to take a stand against any proposal to arm your district’s teachers.

Please spread the word to other community members and especially teachers and retired teachers in your community and other communities around Illinois.

At the bottom of this email, I have also included the names of the board of education members from Oak Park and River Forest. Please remember these are good people giving huge amounts of time. Please be courteous. 

OPRF High School District 200 board

Matt Baron,, Tom Cofsky,, Craig Iseli,, Gina G. Harris,, Ralph Martire,, Dr. Jackie Moore, president,, Sara Dixon Spivy,, All board members,

Oak Park Elementary District 97 board

Keecia Broy, president,, Jung Kim,, Rob Breymaier,, Gavin Kearney,, Cheree Moore,, Katherine Murray-Liebl,, Holly Spurlock,

River Forest Elementary District 90

Katie Avalos,, Cal Davis,, Judy Deogracias,, Barb Hickey,, Rich Moore, president,, Nicole Thompson,, Stacey Williams,

Bob Haisman

Oak Park

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