Re: Equity in our high school. I am not disagreeing with any of the well-intentioned folks who seek ways to make our schools more equitable for every student, but there is one obvious, simple step that could be taken that would immediately put everyone on a level playing field, appearance-wise: uniforms.

Uniforms take the guesswork out of what to wear to school every day.

Uniforms make it clear what is the established dress code. Out of uniform, out of school.

Uniforms do not distinguish between the wealthy and the welfared.

Uniforms show respect that you are dressed for work.

Uniforms are more economical than a school years’ worth of clothes.

Uniforms free you to put your individuality into your work, not your outfit.

Once students get used to a uniform, they are grateful. One less thing to worry about in the morning. Studies have proved that the uniform system does improve academics. 

Many retailers say uniforms are a huge niche and there is a wide selection. Khakis for guys, khakis or skirts for girls who could choose one or both. Polo shirt, sweater. Maybe there could be a school vote on three options/colors, etc. Done.

Unify the school by dressing for success.

Mary Vostal

Oak Park

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