Two letters in Wednesday Journal last week made valid points about the inadequacies of Oak Park bike lanes and parking regulations/enforcement. But I disagree with the proposed solutions.

Both problems are attributable to the glorification of the auto, the expectation that one should be able to conduct any errand conveniently by auto, and the expectation that auto traffic should move smoothly. There are no solutions until one abandons these expectations and accepts the notion that pedestrians, bicycles and public transit should be favored over private vehicles.

Bicyclists should not be shunted to side streets. Bicyclists should be given separated, safe lanes and safe arrangements for crossing busy intersections. Autos can just deal with it.

As to parking, I never park anywhere in Oak Park that requires an app or coins for a meter. I find that ample free parking is available within two or three blocks of anywhere. In consideration of the mobility-impaired, I suggest that most parking within a block or two of the mall and of the Lake/Oak Park intersection be free but be restricted to use by the mobility-impaired. Everyone else can park in the garages or on the streets a little farther away and get some healthy exercise. 

Or next time, walk or bike there.

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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