I realized while reading “Whose back are you sitting on?” [Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Oct. 9] that I, like most privileged white Americans, would push back against anyone or anything that would deprive me of my privilege.

I think human beings are hard-wired to be empathic as well as to compete. Some humans are very low on the empathy (sociopaths, for example) and some are very low on the drive to compete, but generally, our species is naturally driven by both.

But somewhere on the spectrum, the natural urge to compete unchecked morphs from something healthy into something sinister.

If Homo Sapiens is to survive, our evolution must develop in sync with a more complete interpretation of what it means to be “the fittest.” The fittest cannot mean “those who come to dominate” but rather “those who apply their talents to improve the world for the benefit of all.”

Kevin O’Keefe

Former Oak Parker

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