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The building out of which Billy’s Fruit Market, a produce icon in south Oak Park, used to operate is finally gone, almost eight years after the grocery closed. The demolition process started Sept. 26. Structural problems required the building to be torn down. 

“The roof had collapsed,” said Baird & Warner real estate broker Theresa Jurgus, who is handling the sale of property. Jurgus did not know what kind of structural damage.

The property is owned by Seok Kyun Se Trust. Jurgus confirmed that the property

is currently available and could be put to commercial or mixed use. 

“We’re looking forward to the property becoming an asset to the community and not looking the way it has,” she said. 

According to Jurgus, potential buyers have been expressing interest in purchasing the now empty lot, located at 400-406 Madison St. “People are evaluating the property to see how it could fit their plan,” she said. 

The property is just shy of 10,000 square feet. “It’s certainly a very useful size, but it doesn’t allow for every kind of development,” she said. 

The property is one of several developments happening currently on Madison St. “It’s nice to see the investment on Madison Street,” she said.

This story has been updated. 

Stacey Sheridan

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