Skate Fest 2019, hosted at Ridgeland Commons Recreational Center, raised over $15,000 on Sept. 21 for two organizations that help aid the families of pediatric cancer survivors. Over 300 people showed up to the event. 

The idea for Skate Fest originated from the skating community wanting to celebrate longtime Ridgeland Common skater and Trinity sophomore Lily Scully-Granzeier. She had recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The event turned into a fundraiser for Wellness House and Thyca. Lily’s skating friends performed her old solo routines, and she made a speech in front of the packed audience at the RCRC.  

“For our family personally, we feel buoyed by all of the love and encouragement,” said the Scully-Granzeier family in a statement to Wednesday Journal. “Having the event lifted Lily’s spirits and we hope the money raised will help two fabulous organizations continue their good work. We are profoundly grateful for everyone for coming and for being incredibly generous.” 

James Kay

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