I would like to warn all Oak Park residents and visitors that they must carefully park between the pavement lines if using public parking in Oak Park (or like so many of us avoid parking and shopping in Oak Park as much as possible). 

I recently received a ticket for parking near Marion Street on South Boulevard for dinner with a friend. I was 15 minutes over the time I had paid for parking. I promptly paid the $33 ticket for what I thought was the full amount of the ticket when I received it in the mail. But, no, four weeks later I received a “Notice of Default” for the same incident, this time charging another $33 and an additional $30 late penalty, even though I had received No prior notice of this aspect of the same parking incident. 

This time the ticket was for “parking outside pavement markers” although this was not indicated on the original ticket. Therefore, this one parking incident cost me $96! I could have parked in Chicago twice for far less. I have a small subcompact car, and parked between two other vehicles, with the usual goal of ensuring we can all access our vehicles.

As I was enjoying my dinner on that lovely summer evening in Oak Park, I recall wondering why I didn’t eat out in Oak Park more often. Now I have been duly reminded. Never again. 

I truly miss so many Oak Park stores and restaurants. Sorry, but I really can’t afford to patronize Oak Park businesses any more.

Jeanne Martinez 

30-year resident of Oak Park

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