Melissa Elsmo

Located at 6604 Roosevelt Rd in Oak Park, Sweet Monster, opened quietly in mid-June of this year. Serving up a cacophony of colorful Thai ice cream treats and bubble tea drinks, the sweet shop brings a trendy ice cream tread to our Oak Park Eats community.

Earlier this week I popped by with a friend to check out the offerings at Sweet Monster. A steady stream of young students clamored to get their hands on a dish of rolled ice cream. With 16 distinct sundaes on the menu for on for less than seven dollars each there are plenty of items to choose from.

Thai rolled ice cream comes together when an ice cream base is poured onto an ice pan held at a temperature well below zero. An array of flavorings can be added to the base before the rapidly freezing mixture is spread out onto the pan and rolled swiftly into spiraled logs. The whole process takes a few minutes and then the garnishing begins. The over the top sundaes at Sweet Monster are picture worthy in every way.

Fresh fruit sundaes come in a variety of flavors including “Strawberry Lovers” featuring strawberry rolled ice cream topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry Pocky, chocolate wafer rolls, and strawberry Kit Kat. In addition to coffee and green tea selections, Sweet Monster also offers an array cookie and chocolate based sundaes including the Oreo Dream and S’mores S’mores.

For folks who like a little more control of their dessert Sweet Monster offers a “Create Your Own” rolled ice cream option. Just shy of eight dollars gets patrons their choice of one ice cream base, two fruit or cookie ingredients and a choice of three toppings including everything from avocado to animal crackers.

Sweet Monster also offers an assortment of jelly and boba fruit drinks and teas.

Sweet Monster

6604 Roosevelt Rd, Oak Park

  • Monday-Friday 2pm-10pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 1pm-10pm

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