Now that the construction is in full swing, I am concerned about the “road diet” project on Madison Street. Traffic on what is now effectively a reduced-lane Madison is terrible, and there has been a noticeable uptick in traffic along Jackson between Oak Park Avenue and Harlem. 

As things were, too many cars were using Jackson to avoid busier streets and now it’s worse. Many school children cross Jackson when walking south to Lincoln Elementary School or north to Brooks Middle School, and the last thing they need is more speeding cars cutting through a residential area. I very much hope village officials have studied other cities that have tried reducing lanes to ease traffic and this isn’t just some kind of experiment.

It also doesn’t seem to be a good way to attract viable businesses to the empty storefronts on Madison, and it doesn’t seem fair to the few longtime Madison Street business owners we have left. I am concerned that this surely expensive project may backfire, and that when finished we will all be burdened with the cost to put Madison back to two lanes in each direction.

William Eggert 

Oak Park

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