I am a lifetime resident of River Forest, 52 years. I freely admit that, yes, the deer population appears to be more present than in the past.

It has been suggested that sharpshooters cull the population.

There are more evolved and compassionate ways to handle this situation. In these political times of mudslinging, hate, and lack of compassion, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves and our children that humans can be compassionate and that killing isn’t the answer?

To those who complain about deer eating their plants: It is easy to learn about gardening and what plants deer simply won’t eat. 

It would be wonderful if River Forest residents could proudly say that a problem that begins with human population (the deer population has been here way longer than us) was solved with compassion and wisdom.

I just read, and have to point out, that the white tailed deer is the official Illinois State Animal.

Jayne Gould 

River Forest

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