Last week on the way home from Thursday Night Out, I decided to make a small detour stop at CVS, Madison and Ridgeland. Since I was only getting a few things and there was open space before the start of construction I just pulled up there rather than going into the lot. I saw a green sign but assumed it was a continuation of the parking boxes recently added. It was after 8 so I knew parking would be free.

I spent some time best utilizing my coupons and left feeling good about what I had saved, only to come out and find a ticket on my windshield — $48, which is more than I had spent! It turns out that area is permit-only after 6. I did not see that in the dark and, frankly, didn’t really look at the sign.

There is a simple solution to prevent people who have no intention of taking up overnight spots from being penalized. Please make the signs that deal with permit parking a different color than those that deal with payboxes. Why does everything have to be green? The difference would have caught my eye.

Joyce Porter 

Oak Park

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