Did you know that Oak Park is gearing up to be the first co-housing community in Illinois? There are more than 162 co-housing communities across the U.S., and many more in European countries. Co-housing consists of private homes, as in condos but with an expansive “common house.” 

We will share a common garden, play area, kitchen and living room area with opportunities to have meals together, a guest room, and more. 

We are an intentional, multigenerational community with ethnic and racial diversity, as well as diversity in financial standing. My husband Vic and I are excited to be part of this new co-housing community — in Oak Park, the place we love. 

To learn more, go to oakparkcohousing.org and join us on June 22 at Maze Library when two co-housing experts from Arboretum Co-housing in Madison, Wisconsin will spend the day (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) sharing everything you need to know: Co-housing 101.

Iris and Vic Yipp

Oak Park

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