Beye Elementary ended the school year with a touching moment that went viral, thanks to a June 6 Facebook post by Laura Berrios Best. She tells the story, well, best. 

“Do you know we have the best principal at Beye?! I have twin sons, soon to be second-graders, one with Autism, which sometimes means transitions are difficult. He decided he didn’t want to go to school today. Completely adamant and close to meltdown about not wanting to go. Last day of school is exciting for most kids, but it means saying goodbye to the routine my child with ASD has gotten so used to, so it is hard for him to come to terms with that. So, I walk one kid so that he makes it on time while my husband stayed home with the other one to help him work through the ‘rock brain’ moment. 

“As I’m handing out last-day goodies to the support staff, I call and FaceTime my husband along with the support teacher to help my son through this. Then, walking by the support teacher’s room is Mr. E, who hears the conversation and discovers there’s a kid on camera at the other end. So, like no other principal will do, Mr. E holds the phone to FaceTime with my son who immediately smiles and has this cute and funny convo with Mr. E. Then — get this — Mr. E asks him, ‘Would it help if I go over to your house to pick you up and walk you to school?’ Yup. My son says the address and ‘I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.’ Enough said. Here’s a pic my hubs captured of them leaving for their walk to Beye.”

Way to go, Jonathan Ellwanger. Nice ending to a special school year.

Michael Romain 

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