I was once against impeachment because I “know” the Senate will find Trump not-guilty and Trump will be able to use that and Barr’s manipulation and spin of the release of the Mueller Report to say things the report did not (like no collusion) to blast out during the campaign: “Exoneration!”

Realizing all that may be true, I believe if you read the actual Mueller report (even though its release was botched and mishandled) and try not to pay attention to the latest “analysis” on either side, the Mueller report says (Speaks, Argues, Yells!) that Trump obstructed justice (but we couldn’t charge him because of DOJ rules!).

It also details how the Trump campaign reached out to so many Russians, took information from them, helped them target U.S. voters with their social media disinformation, benefited from their hacking of Democratic docs, coordinated release of Russian-hacked Democratic campaign emails, and then lied, lied, lied!

The Mueller team was not able to prove “conspiracy” in a court of law — one of the most difficult of crimes to prove, particularly when there is an active obstruction of justice program going on.

The Trump campaign’s and Trump’s flagrant actions demonstrate that they felt they were above the law and that cries out for action! If our democratic traditions mean anything — going back to 1215 at Runnymede, England and the signing of the Magna Carta (the Great Charter of the Liberties) by notorious King John of England, which started with “The king is not above the law.”

The United States Congress in 2019 must hold Trump accountable for his actions through impeachment in the House and trial in the Senate!

Bob Haisman

Oak Park

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