As an area taxpayer, I’d like to respond to the article, “Tabula not OK, OPRF will reprint” [News, May 22]. Unbelievable! Those four District 200 board members could not come to a better solution than to spend $53,794 to reprint this book. They “agonized over how to deal with the complicated predicament”? Let’s identify the roughly 50 students and make them, and their parents accountable for their actions, not the taxpayers! 

Divide the 53K among these families if reprinting is seen as the only solution, whether they had malice in their hearts or it was a game. What a perfect teaching moment! What happened to consequences for bad behavior or judgment? Or we can have these clowns sit and tear each of those offensive pages out and that’s your Tabula for 2019. I would donate my time to supervise this. We all make mistakes but spending $53,794 to reprint a yearbook is outrageous. 

How about having the four board members divide the 53K up so it can come out of their pockets? 

Sharon Andrews 

River Forest 

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