Patrons of the Blue Max in Forest Park were dismayed by the coffee shop’s sudden closure this week.  A post to their Instagram account matched the message tacked to the front door of the coffee shop stating “technical difficulties” have forced the small business to close for repairs. Loyal customers worry the closure may be permanent and many remain hopeful the shop will open once again.

We have reached out to the Blue Max in hopes of learning more about the challenges they are facing; as more information becomes available about the future of the Blue Max we will share it here.

*UPDATE* Blue Max owners informed Oak Park Eats via Instagram on 5/23 it is their goal to try to open again as soon as possible. No further information was offered.

*SECOND UPDATE* Terry Griffin of Blue Max responded to our email inquiry on 5/24 thanking Oak Park Eats for thier offer of support and indicated he has “been dealing with a potential buyer for the business.” 

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