I will always feel fortunate to have known Bobbie Raymond. She was such a force, such a presence. She was a short person, but she had such strength. I was always amazed by her. She had a fascinating history, having been on the radio as a kid in the 1940s. She had what’s called “stage presence.” 

Bobbie was very bright. She was always ready to act and always ready to address issues. She had enormous insights and a huge capacity for motivating people. She was thrilling in that she always found such fulfillment and joy in her community. She worshipped her former high school, OPRF. And she was so multi-talented. She loved to paint, to write, to dance. She was a sociologist and a leader. 

Bobbie endured death threats and intimidation. I remember her telling me that when she had a small baby she would get death threats on the phone in the middle of the night. The fear of the entire village “changing” within months was a terror that gripped many.

On top of everything else she was always so thrilled to be with her grandson, Trevor. She loved to talk about Trevor. It was beautiful to witness. I will truly miss her.

Doug Deuchler writes theater reviews for Wednesday Journal.

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