I just had to respond to Ms. Wolkstein’s comments (May 1) about John Hubbuch and his “Confessions of a lapsed liberal” [Viewpoints, April 24] because her characterization of him is so unfair and off base. I have known John for over 35 years and he is anything but a racist. He has volunteered countless hours coaching children of multiple colors, backgrounds, and ages in basketball and soccer for at least 20 of those years, and I bet none of those kids has anything but affection and respect for him. 

He has served the community in so many ways: District 97 school board member, YMCA board, president of the OPRF Booster Club just to name a few. And in those capacities I am guessing he has more than a passing knowledge of the challenges our school system faces in regard to racial parity. 

He is absolutely correct that the achievement gap must be addressed long before a student enters the front doors of the high school. And yet he is berated for stating the obvious. In his own words, “We hide in the shadows so as to avoid charges of racism, misogyny and insensitivity.” Ms. Wolkstein just proved his point.  

Re the art at Julian: The WPA was a program that helped put folks to work in the worst depression this country every suffered. That art reflects who we were then. Why not commission new art to hang next to it that shows who we are now? Our history is our history. We should learn from it and improve it but not erase it because it might make us uncomfortable. 

John Hubbuch is just the voice of the child who cried “but the emperor has no clothes.”

Mary Vostal

Oak Park

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