Amazon has selected Trinity High School to participate in its Future Engineer Program, a joint initiative between the online retail giant Amazon and Edhesive to improve access to computer science education in the technology field. Edhesive is a company that offers computer science curriculum to schools. 

“Trinity High School is excited to partner with Amazon Future Engineers by joining 300,000 students and five private all-women institutions in 43 states who are committed to providing access and support for learning in STEM fields,” said Trinity President Sister Judith Schaefer in a press release.

Students who enroll in computer science classes at Trinity will be eligible for scholarships and summer internships at Amazon. The partnership will also provide Trinity faculty with a network of STEM educators, professional development opportunities and curricular resources. 

A cornerstone of the program will be Trinity’s coding class, an elective that helps students develop a foundation in core computer science and programming. Trinity will explore adding advanced computer science classes during the 2020-21 school year, in anticipation of growing with Amazon Future Engineers. 

Nona Tepper

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