On Monday afternoon the total number of registered voters in suburban Cook County was up compared to previous years, and so were the number of locals exercising their right to vote early.  

At Oak Park Village Hall, 2,051 voters had cast their ballots early, up from 1,019 early voters in April 2015, the most recent comparable election.

In 2015, the Oak Park offices up for election were village trustee and library trustee. 

With early voting, suburban voters can visit any suburban Cook County site, as well as the clerk’s office downtown, so River Forest and Oak Park early voters don’t necessarily vote in Oak Park. And not all early voters are necessarily from River Forest and Oak Park.

But the number of early voters doubled in four years.

In March 2018, the last election—where residents decided who their congresspeople would be—3,438 residents cast their ballot early at Oak Park Village Hall, up 40 percent from what early voting looked like this year. 

Nona Tepper

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