The very welcome retreat of Golub & Co’s unthinkable proposal for a high-rise at 835 Lake St. is curiously timed. It seems to take the issue of inappropriate development off the table for the upcoming election. Those who have watched in dismay as Downtown Oak Park has suffered the arrival of one after another monstrously oversized building know better than to relax, however. The recent record of village government is littered with broken promises of transparency and accountability. Most recently, the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance pushed through by the village board was designed to divide and conquer. By giving developers “automatic” height variances in exchange for including affordable units, the current IZO pits advocates of affordable housing against opponents of inappropriate development. 

Those of us who voted in the last election for independent and progressive new voices on the board have good reason to now wonder, “Who you gonna trust?” Only three candidates in the current race — Tim Thomas, Christian Harris, and Joshua Klayman — have signed pledges of principle, to build transparent government, to fulfill Oak Park’s promise as a community of equity, to advance policies that support economic diversity, and to advocate appropriate development that enhances both architecturally and economically. Tim Thomas, Christian Harris, and Joshua Klayman bring not only the experience needed to serve effectively but also a dedicated commitment to serve independently. 

You can count on that.

Wendy Greenhouse

Oak Park

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