Oak Parkers with questions about their tax appeals can find out more from Oak Park Township Assessor Ali ElSaffar.

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has opened the appeals period from March 19 to April 19, the first of two periods building owners will have to appeal their tax assessment.

“All Oak Park properties were reassessed in 2017, and most of the values set in 2017 will remain unchanged until Oak Park’s next reassessment in 2020,” ElSaffar said in a press release. “Because the 2017 reassessment was such an important part of the tax process, many people believe assessed values can only be appealed during a reassessment year.

But since property values can change from year to year, assessed values can be appealed in any year, including 2019.”

Those interested in learning more about their assessments can contact the township offices at 708-383-8005.

Timothy Inklebarger

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