I write in enthusiastic support of the incumbents, Cal Davis, Barb Hickey, and Rich Moore, for four-year terms, along with Katie Avalos for the two-year term to the D90 school board. 

Cal, Barb, and Rich have demonstrated a strong commitment to the concurrent principles of educational equity and excellence. They recognize that even though our D90 schools perform at extremely high levels, there is still work to do to address the performance gap at the lower end. Our schools must work for all of our students, and I believe this slate is the most qualified to close that gap while sacrificing none of the overall quality of education we demand for our children. 

In close cooperation with our outstanding educational experts in the administration, they have developed and communicated clear plans for curricula and instructional philosophy based on the most current peer-reviewed and field-tested research. The essentially flat operating budget over their term demonstrates their careful eye on fiscal responsibility. We get good value for our tax dollars here. 

These board members have worked tirelessly, delivered results, and deserve the chance to realize their in-progress vision over their next term. 

For the two-year term, Katie is the clear choice to join the incumbents. She shares their goal of closing the performance gap without making sacrifices to the rest of the student population, and has worked especially hard (and patiently!) to communicate her vision for doing so. 

Her experience supporting the schools in various roles over the last few years gives her a unique insight into the workings of the district and the needs of all of our students, and her endorsements by so many past PTO officers speak volumes to that. 

Beyond her work with the district, Katie has been a participant in the Community of Congregations, highlighting her exposure to diverse viewpoints and backgrounds across the villages. I’m excited to see what perspectives and ideas she will bring to an already strong team. She’s the right choice for D90, and I look forward to watching the schools continue to grow and improve over her term.

John Scholvin 

River Forest 

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