The recent endorsement of Susan Buchanan by Wednesday Journal was very strong in terms of her gifts:

“When she discusses local issues … she acknowledges that the choices ahead aren’t simple … and she is so right. This doesn’t make her wishy-washy. … But those answers reflect nuance, and openness to listen, to learn, to persuade and be persuaded. Those are fantastic and often rare qualities on an elected board.” 

Adding to this positive endorsement, I am delighted that someone with the environmental medical background concerning toxic chemicals’ impact on communities could be on our board of trustees. With the decision of a judicial court declaring that Monsanto/Bayer is responsible for the medical condition of a second cancer victim’s  exposure to Glyphosate/Roundup, our opportunity to vote for a trustee with this background is very timely. We have been pre-empted from regulating toxic chemicals in our own communities — in Illinois as in 43 other states.

We have to be creative in what we can do to protect our children, our most vulnerable, precious citizens. Susan’s medical background gives her the expertise to assist in making this concern a village priority. 

Please give her your vote on April 2.

Peggy McGrath

GoGreen Oak Park

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