I have known James Thompson over 20 years and respect his wisdom tackling large budget projects at our church, studying all angles. At Village Transportation and Environmental Advisory Commission meetings, James posed detailed questions, made astute observations regarding options, and proposed best solutions. I observed him helping committees reach equitable compromises and solutions regarding numerous environmental and transportation issues that all parties could accept.

Knowing how complex our village issues are, I would expect him to thoroughly research all options presented for consideration, listen to all viewpoints, and ask every hard question he had. Then after all the discussion and bargaining, he would thoughtfully propose solutions and contribute to compromises.

James is one of the most active, environmentally-conscious members of our church congregation, and has many environmental issues on his platform to continue to move Oak Park forward. He will fight for those on a fixed income who are struggling to continue to live in our village due to increasing property taxes, by examining all expenses and finding new revenue streams. He is very approachable, and I know he will welcome questions and issues from his whole constituency during his term.

Please join me in voting for Thompson for trustee to represent us and our issues on the Oak Park Village Board. I wholeheartedly recommend James!

Mary Rinder

Oak Park resident since 1987

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