After more than a year of conversations, multiple drafts, tweaks and, at times, heated public exchanges the Oak Park Elementary Schools District 97 school board passed a much-anticipated racial equity policy. 

During their meeting on March 12, school board members voted unanimously to approve the equity policy, which went into effect immediately after the vote. 

“The board acknowledges that in order to achieve the objective contained herein and implement this policy, resources, including but not limited to, additional teaching and support staff, professional development, and data analysis professionals may be required,” according to the 10-page policy document.

The document explains that implementation of the policy will start in the 2019-20 school year “following a comprehensive, transparent planning process with the community that will result in an implementation plan.” 

According to the policy document, the plan will “establish priorities, milestones and where and how the District shall engage with stakeholders on an ongoing basis and will be premised on the need to rethink all aspects of policies, practices, procedures and programs in order to meet the requirements of the policy.”  

A redlined version of the finalized equity policy is currently available on D97’s website. Visit, scroll over the tab “Board of Education,” click “Board Meetings,” hover the mouse over the left-hand-side of the screen and click “Meeting Packets.” The document is embedded in the March 12 meeting’s agenda packet, listed under “General” items on the meeting agenda. 


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