Oak Park trustee candidate, Susan Buchanan M.D., should become a village trustee because of her integrity, values, approach to decision-making and her dreams for Oak Park. I came to know these traits as our paths crossed while working on Central American justice issues. She is a person committed to working for the well-being of others. In some ways, that encapsulates some of what is most important about Dr. Buchanan. Not only are her values focused on the well-being of others, but she is committed to making a difference. 

During this campaign, I have come to see how she is, for me, an ideal candidate. She has the integrity to state when she has a strong opinion on an issue and when she is still doing her research. Her values of equity for all and promoting racial and economic diversity throughout all of village life, not in just one domain, are aligned with the understanding that village board decisions have the capacity of working toward or diminishing that vision for Oak Park. Dr. Buchanan’s high priority for moving Oak Park toward environmental sustainability policies and practices are essential for village long-term sustainability. 

Dr. Buchanan’s style of inductive decision-making is part of what I like most about her. When I have had the opportunity to attend meetings of a topic of high concern to me, she is already there. She values learning all sides and understanding what influences each perspective. Within that context, she can apply her values and administrative skills to make sound judgements. 

At the March 18 Village Board meeting, for instance, Dr. Buchanan clearly stated welcome options for a strong inclusionary zoning policy, a view honed by her recent research and responsiveness to village residents. 

As you approach the village of Oak Park trustee ballot, please vote for Susan Buchanan. With her integrity, values approach to decision-making, and action on her dreams for Oak Park, you’ll be glad you did.

Lois Thiessen Love

Oak Park

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