I am writing in support of the incumbent candidates for the District 90 school board — Cal Davis, Barb Hickey, and Rich Moore — and new candidate, Kathleen Avalos. But more generally, I am writing to express my support for the hard work, research, and analysis done by the current board, and the educators of D90 as a whole: the curriculum director, superintendent, principals, teachers, and all other staff.

I am an educator (I teach students in law school) and a mom of four sons. As an educator, I rely on studies and investigations, and best practices nationwide. I think we can learn a lot from other communities and other states, and I believe that “best practices” are called that for a reason. The D90 education team and the current board have done years of research on how to implement best practices within our community, and I place a lot of stock in what they have learned, thought about, and decided to do.  

Some of the other candidates running for school board suggest looking for answers within our community. To me, dismissing not only their research, but also national research, and asking River Forest to look exclusively at what we are doing in our village is both shortsighted and provincial. 

Let’s take a step forward instead of staying in place.

Sonia Bychkov Green

River Forest

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