Below are candidate-submitted answers to a biographical survey the Wednesday Journal sent out to all D90 candidates running in this year’s elections. Candidates full, unedited responses are printed. 

Age: 50

Previous elected experience:  none

Previous community experience:   District 90 School Board (member), OPRF Township Youth Services Committee (vice chair),

River Park District Foundation Board (president),  Lincoln School pancake breakfast/5k (5k chairman), District 90 Inclusive Advisory Board (member),

District 90 5yr planning committee (2015), District 90 Calendar Committee, Cub Scout den Leader, River Forest Park District boys basketball coach (past 5 years) and girls basketball coach (1yr)

Occupation: DOT Safety Manager

Education: BS Finance, DePaul University

1)          Why are you running?

I am running to serve my community.  I serve on a number of boards that allow me to create as well as share ideas throughout the community.  It is an absolute honor to serve on the board and represent the people of River Forest.  

2)          River Forest District 90 schools have adopted several equity initiatives over the past few years. What do you think of this work? 

I think the equity initiatives are good for the schools which in turn is good for the community.  Equitable initiatives makes everyone better and gives everyone the chance to succeed.

3)          How would you describe D90’s relationship to the community? What does the board currently do to engage residents and what more, if anything, do you believe should be done? 

District 90 has a good relationship with the community.  Everyone is invited to board meetings.  Town hall meetings are planned to discuss important issues with the input of the stakeholders.  The district website is a important resource of information.

4)          Staff at Roosevelt Middle School are tweaking a block schedule that’s current iteration would add math minutes, at the expense of foreign language time for students. What do you think of this measure? 

The math minutes are needed. Currently, everything is being evaluated because of a most recent town hall forum where ideas were exchanged and district proposals were clearly explained. 

The D90 board voted to postpone implementation of a schedule change at a regular meeting on March 5. 

5)          What do you think about standardized (PARCC) test scores and academic performance at schools in District 90? What areas do you believe could be improved and what action can the school board take to help improve student achievement? 

Parcc testing and school performance are the reason for the increase in math minutes.  More minutes are needed in math to finish the curriculum set for each grade year, this will help with student achievement

6)      What other issues are important to you , as a school board candidate? How would you advocate for them as a board member?

        Building maintenance, Curriculum, and Equity .  These are issues that are evaluated monthly with the Board.  Our buildings are close to 100 years old.  The curriculum is ever evolving, and our groundbreaking equity initiatives will give every student the opportunity to succeed.

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