Jim Taglia is the only candidate who voted in favor of the Madison Road diet, which passed the Oak Park Village Board by one vote, despite the explicit findings in the village’s own 300-page traffic study. This study concluded that Madison Street is, in fact, a poor candidate for a successful road diet. It further concluded that Madison Street will see an increase in minor accidents and most intersections with Madison Street will degrade significantly, to the point that it will not be possible to drive through them in a single red-green traffic light cycle. 

A separate traffic mitigation report addressed Washington and Jackson, two streets that will see a great increase in traffic. But village staff conceded that almost none of the Washington Street proposals will be enacted because they require state approval, which will not be granted. The Jackson Boulevard proposals are half-hearted at best. 

Mr. Taglia ignored the expert conclusions of the village’s own study. We need board members who make data-based decisions. Sadly, Mr. Taglia seems to make whatever decisions are favored by the mayor. 

Please consider your vote carefully.

Jerry Bowman

Oak Park

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