Deciding who to vote for in an election in Oak Park is not easy. In my opinion the field is strong, but three candidates for village trustee stand out.

Graham Brisben 

He is intelligent and understands the issues facing Oak Park. He will push the board to look at the data, and he will “base” his votes on the facts. Brisbane is focused, and he will bring solid decision-making and accountability to the board.

Christian Harris

He is on the Chamber, the North Ave. Business Association, Reclaim, VOICE, and an organization called HOPE that provides housing for low-income seniors. From what I can tell, from speaking with other Oak Park citizens, he has a calm demeanor, would represent the interests of renters and African Americans, and would advocate for both responsible spending and equity. In addition, he supports reasonably scaled economic development rather than high-rises.

Jim Taglia

He operates from a sense of civic duty and understands our values and our strengths. Most important, in my opinion, he is responsive to constituent concerns and actually solves the problems people bring to him. Citizens I spoke with say he is honest and trustworthy.


Robert Milstein

Former Oak Park trustee

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