I am voting to re-elect Sara Spivy for District 200 School Board because she works hard to keep OPRF High School as one of the best schools without raising my taxes. She voted to abate taxes twice, to approve renovations for students with disabilities, for the development of new special education spaces and for upgrades to classrooms. The board also recently approved a budget-neutral director of equity position so they will not need to raise property taxes.

Sara was a founding member of an equity committee for our three school districts in Oak Park and River Forest that recommends equity initiatives across the K-12 educational system. She also pushed for restorative justice training at all levels, including the board, and for a progressive gender equity policy to protect transgender students. 

While some actions have little impact on budgets/costs, many actions mentioned earlier can become very costly without continued financial oversight. Sara gets my vote because she, too, as an Oak Park resident, does not want property taxes to strain family budgets. Having excellent schools at reasonable costs is my concern as a voter and Sara Spivy gets my vote.

Ronald Koch

Oak Park

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